Knectme is the new Internet of Things community formed to provide open-source and commercial solutions for connected devices based on the highly performance-efficient AndesCore™ processors. The community’s goal is to 

  • help developing products which knect to the world;
  • knect chip vendors, partners, application developers, and system vendors; and
  • knect solutions for Silicon IP’s, SW stacks, tools, applications, systems and products.

knect solutions include the following components:
SoC development platforms, software stacks, application development platforms, and development tools. 


The knect SOC IP Platforms include CPU IPs, platform IPs and Andes partners’ IPs. Andes Technology offers AndesCore™ processors that come with a variety of functionality, including security, custom instructions and DSP extensions to meet the needs of connected IoT applications. AndesCore families are based on AndeStar™ V3 architecture with compact code size and high performance/power efficiency. In addition, Andes low-power platform IP enables building optimized blocks to provide flexible and diversified configurations. AndesCores are the most efficient and cost effective among alternatives for designing cost and power sensitive products, such as IoT SoCs. AndesCore™, Andes platform IP and partners’ IPs together provide a complete IoT SoC development platform solution.


The knect Software Stack comprises software building blocks for smart devices and Internet of Things applications, including device drivers, real-time operating systems, middlewares, protocol stacks, and IoT APIs running on AndesCore. It provides choices of open source software, and production-proven, certified and optimized software by knect partners to fulfill a wide range of smart products and emerging applications development requirements. 


The Knect.me™ Development Boards include both FPGA based boards and ASIC based boards. For prototyping from the chip level and up, the FPGA based boards ready with DDR3 SDRAM, NOR Flash, Serial Flash, SD, USB, PCI-E, Ethernet and other system peripherals and interfaces provides the basis for verification from RTL design to system bring-up. For fast system deployment, the Arduino-compatible ASIC based boards and software stacks enables easy implementation of networking, sensor monitoring, and the like on the open platform. Furthermore, system solutions such as those based on Mediatek’s MT7681 can be utilized to deploy IoT services over the networked infrastructure. For Knect.me™ Development Boards ordering information, please contact sales@andestech.com


The Knect development tools include the AndeSight IDE Lite, AndeSight IDE, Arduino IDE and Eclipse Arduino IDE and the open source GNU toolchain for AndesCores. AndeSight™ Lite edition is a compact version of the Eclipse-based AndeSight™ IDE for free download. It comes with all major functionality except a code size limitation of 32KB. The open-source Arduino IDE makes it easy to write code and upload it to the board. The environment of Arduino IDE is written in Java and based on Processing and other open-source software. With the rapidly convergence of the embedded products, to offer an easy and flexible design environment and to save efforts of software engineers and hardware designers, AndeSight™ integrates environments of hardware and software to provide a comprehensive development solution. The Andes GNU toolchain offers all of the benefits of open source tools, plus powerful optimizations done for AndeStar instruction set. The Knect development tools can be downloaded here now.

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What is “IoT League”? We invite Andes’ customers to provide products information which contains AndesCore. IoT League can enhance exposure and reputation in IoT domain. Various applications can help Andes’ customers to attract more and more users to adopt their IoT products.

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